Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weapon of Choice... SEBASTIAN'S Flaunt Collection

Not very often do you find me using a different salon professional product line, other than Sebastian Professional.  Since my time at beauty college, I have been using Sebastian Professionas styling products not only on myself,but also on my clients.  Currently, Sebastian, offers three different styling lines, Flow, Form and Flaunt.  All three lines are patent and design to work for it's purposes, but of the three, I find myself using Flaunt at all my photoshoots.

When on set, the models and photographers can get a little passionate about their shoot.  There's definitely a lot of moving, hair tussle, and flash lighting going on.  You're definitely, going to want to ensure the products you have on hand, are thermal protecting, offers great hold, and the money maker... gives beautiful SHINE..

In my opinion the Flaunt Collection is designed for Hairstylist working on set.  Check out the complete Flaunt Collections at, Sebastian Professional.

SHINE DEFINE: The Ultimate Versatile Hairspray
LIQUID GLOSS: A Unique Silicone Blend to Smooth and Shine
HALO MIST: UV Filter Weightless Shine Spray
TRILLIANT: Thermal Protection and Shimmer Complex

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