Thursday, June 16, 2011

Laura Mercier - Shimmer Bloc

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc is a unique baked formula that applies effortlessly while brightening the eyes, cheeks & body with a hint of natural colour & light. -

Being mainly focused in photoshoot and working with models of all skin type, finding the perfect way to highlight and essential the model's features and eyes can be a bit tough, if you're not carrying the right product.  Not every two Make-Up Artist's kit are the same and how each Artist apply the products may be different, but we can all agree that having the perfect highlights and illuminators is a must.

Laura Mercier's Shimmer Bloc, is a Illuminator/Shimmer, every Artist and Girl should carry.  Use it for photoshoots or even everyday where, you can't really go wrong, however, you wear it.  The Shimmer Bloc is a four quad press powder that contains light-reflecting properties. Blended together, Shimmer Bloc, gives the skin a healthy over-all glow.  With five different quad, Shimmer Bloc, accommodates every girl out there!

Shimmer Bloc - Mosaic

Shimmer Bloc - Peach Mosaic

Shimmer Bloc - Golden Mosaic

Shimmer Bloc - Orchid Mosaic

Shimmer Bloc - Pink Mosaic

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