Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sasson Stage Collection - What the Hell?

Many artists look to the beauty in life for inspiration, yet just as inspiring is it's converse: grunge and grit.  Imagine the seedy underbelly of Berlin, dark alleyways and sidelong glances.  Imagine danger laced with punk - and a little couture - and Sassoon Stage Collection is what you'll get.  Take a long walk on the dark side and explore these bold fringes, sharp angular cuts, strong shapes and deep colors that emulate from within the hair -

Vidal Sassoon, a legend to most, if not, all hair stylist.  Sasson has been credited to geometric, bauhaus-inspired hair styling, which we know as "the bob".  His hair stylist Cinderella story, definitely inspire many of us to persue our own career, in hopes to one day be as big or possibly bigger than Sassoon. 

Sassoon's collection brings together his signature imprint.  Precision cuts, clean lines, bold fringes and geometric shapes that seems to fall into place seamlessly.  So I get all that, but what I'm still left wondering is why does his collections, year after year, seems to all look the same?  For goodness sake Vidal, give me something new, try going outside your boundaries.  Seriously, who is behind these collection and who said it was ok to show us what we saw the year before?  Sassoon, you may not have my attention this time around, but you still have my respects. 

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Brandi Shawnell said...

Hahaha I love reading your blogs... And I couldn't agree more. While yes, there is an aesthetic to uphold, I agree that you should occasionally push your creativity & try something new. Well stated, Sean! =]

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