Who Is seanALIAN?


Hi everyone! I thought I give you a little bio about myself and my page.  I have been doing hair for about 5 years now and been a professional make-up artist for the same amount of time.  What started as a profession to kill some free time, turned into an inspiring passion, to help individuals gain self confidence about themselves. 

Having crossed over to the Fashion side of the industry, I can honestly say that it is a completely different world from that of a "Salon" type environment.  For me, it was very intimidating at first, not only does my work effect me and my creditability, but it also impacts the model's and photographer's work as well.  Often times, I feel whether my creditability is even valid, whether I should pack my tools and call it a day and return to the Salon, and the "cookie-cutter soccer moms" (no offence).  I never did do that, thanks to my awesome support of friends in the industry, that kept pushing me to go forward and go beyond my boundaries. 

I like to describe my work as refined, clean, polished and still reflect that modern edge.  Aside from styling today's trend, I also style contemporary upstylings and old Hollywood glamour.  My biggest goal yet, is to produce my own collection, an artistic piece, that I can speak to and share with everyone.  After all, I have always been the under dog, and come to think about it, I'm ok with that!

I've been following many blogs, mainly make-up blogs.  I thought maybe I can give it a whirl and throw my own twist on these Make-up and Fashion Trend Blogs; Thus the birth of "seanALIAN... I'm Just Saying"  Although my blogs follow the same trends as the others other there, with reviews on Make-up lines, Fashion trends/forecast, and Hair Care Lines, I actually wanted to speak to being on set of photoshoots and what really happens behind the scene.  In addition to all the behind the scene work, what I wanted most, is to feature our local artists, models and photographers.  There's definitely a lot of talents out there that often get missed, that I personal feel should be shared with the world!

Photos by Kevin Chan