Thursday, June 30, 2011

Davines - VOLU

Davines, has recently launched three new product to their Essential Care Family, Volu.

The nickname VOLU is the abbreviation for “VOLUME” chosen to make instantly recognizable the line’s feature which consists of giving extra volume at all stages of treatment – from cleansing to styling – relying on the exclusive active principles contained in natural origin ingredients in innovative combinations.

From the successful combination of scientific evolution, artisan wisdom and passion for natural resources, 3 synergetic products were born: shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray, for the daily care and profound beauty of the hair.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Tea Party Wedding By "Kissed byTammynize"

Tammy Nguyen Le, has been shooting photos for some time now.  Aside from shooting fashion, commerical and maternity (to name a few), Tammy, is better known for her Wedding Photography.  There's something different about Tammy's Wedding Photography, that draws your attention.  When going through her portfolio, you get a sense of something magical, as if you have been drawn into a fairy tale story.  Not only does Tammy capture the moment, but, she also captures the princess in every bride through her looking glass...

Tammy approached me about a conceptual tea party shoot.  She described the shoot to be whimsical, with a splash of pastel colors, a set that makes you scream "Alice in Wonderland".  For the record, she had me at whimsical.  Without hesitation, I committed to her shoot for hair, along with my good friend Jasmine Cardenas, for make-up.  I was even more excited when she told me that Heather Doss and her hot boyfriend, Brad Harmon, would be modeling.

I have to admit, when we arrive on location, I had my doubts. The Old Sugar Mill, appeared to be an old abandoned warehouse, so, pastel colorings was kind of hard for me to visualized.  Yet, somehow, Tammy was able to fused the old industrial with Alice in Wonderland...  I've never been more excited about any shoot than this...  Check out Tammy's magic below and her website at,

Photo - Kissed by Tammynize
Models - Heather Doss and Brad Harmon
Make-Up - Jasmine Cardenas
Hair - seanALIAN
Location - The Old Sugar Mill

Sasson Stage Collection - What the Hell?

Many artists look to the beauty in life for inspiration, yet just as inspiring is it's converse: grunge and grit.  Imagine the seedy underbelly of Berlin, dark alleyways and sidelong glances.  Imagine danger laced with punk - and a little couture - and Sassoon Stage Collection is what you'll get.  Take a long walk on the dark side and explore these bold fringes, sharp angular cuts, strong shapes and deep colors that emulate from within the hair -

Vidal Sassoon, a legend to most, if not, all hair stylist.  Sasson has been credited to geometric, bauhaus-inspired hair styling, which we know as "the bob".  His hair stylist Cinderella story, definitely inspire many of us to persue our own career, in hopes to one day be as big or possibly bigger than Sassoon. 

Sassoon's collection brings together his signature imprint.  Precision cuts, clean lines, bold fringes and geometric shapes that seems to fall into place seamlessly.  So I get all that, but what I'm still left wondering is why does his collections, year after year, seems to all look the same?  For goodness sake Vidal, give me something new, try going outside your boundaries.  Seriously, who is behind these collection and who said it was ok to show us what we saw the year before?  Sassoon, you may not have my attention this time around, but you still have my respects. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unedited Sneak Peaks From My NOH8 Photoshoot

It was only a matter of time that I would do my own NOH8 Campaign Photoshoot.  I just didn't know when.  Well, I couldn't just sit there and avoid the unavoidable.  Around this time last month, I asked my good friend who happens to be an amazing photographer, Kevin Chan, if he would be interested in shooting this campaign for me, without hesitation, he was happy to shoot!  I figured since, I had such an awesome photographer shooting, I wanted to enjoy this moment with good supporting friends.  Jasmine Cardenas and Sarin Sieng was happy to shoot with me. 

Through the course of getting ready for such a big shoot, the Baby Gods, stepped in and my Bestie, Jasmine Cardenas, fell into labor with little baby, and delivered Tyler James Fricker, the same day of our shoot!  Yay! Now a new Mom, Jasmine Cardenas, was not able to be with us today, as she was needed home bonding with a beautiful baby boy!  So help me congrat new parents, Jasmine Cardenas and Kiel Fricker!  Let me know if you need a babysitter!

With one friend out, Sarin and I had to make due.  Frankly, I really felt bad for Kevin; Sarin and I didn't really make it easy for him shooting us.

1. We're no models
2. I threw a diva moment over the infamous Sacramento heat
3. There was a lot of joking around between Sarin and I
4. I could not stop sweating
5. Did I mention what a diva I was? LOL

So, after all the sweat and joking around, we finished the shoot satisfied with the results!  I promise, I won't take my shirt off again, LOL. 

Please support Gay Marriage.  We're people too....  For information about the, NOH8 Campaign and it's founders, Celebrity Photographer, Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, please visit,

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chanel Fall/Winter 2011 - Illusions d'Ombre de Chanel

Photo by Vincent Lappartient

Of all the Fall/Winter 2011 collections launching next month, this one takes the cake for me.  I'm really excited to get my hands on this collection.  Chanel Illusions d'Ombre de Chanel, is set to release July 2011, however, my sources tells me that they may be launching even earlier!  For Fall/Winter 2011, Chanel seems to be taking the same pages as her cosmetic counter parts with the pale nude face, but takes it even further with her eye shadows.  Illusions d'Ombre is going towards a more dark smokey metallic look with the eyes, which works for Fashion Runway trends.  After all, a diva should stand apart from the others right?

I hope my eagerness doesn't get the best of me!  Check out more information on the collection at,

Face - Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 15, Poudre Universelle Libre Natural Finish Loose Powder, Eclat Lumiere Highlighting Face Pen, Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer

Eyes - Illusion d’Ombre in Epatant, Mirifique, and Fantasme (available July 2011), Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer in Khaki Platine (available July 2011), Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner in Ebene, Crayon Sourcils (available July 2011), and Inimitable Mascara in Noir

Lips - Le Crayon Levres Precision Lip Definer in Natural, Rouge Allure Velvet in La Furtive (available November 2011)

Nails - Le Vernis Nail Colour in Graphite (available July 2011)

Sue Pemberton Liquescent - Color Formula

"Fluid, sensuous, luscious, with Liquescent, Sue Pemberton quenches our thirst for superior color artistry.  Inspired by the unholy marriage of oil and water, which produces seductive swirls and unexpected combinations of color and shape, these designs features Sue's signature, unexpected palettes.  Her vivid, yet feminine hues blend seamlessly." - Behindthechair

Frankly, there's nothing negative I can absolutely say about this collection.  I love everything about it, from the styling, precision cut down to the color choice.  Sue has out done herself with this piece.  I love the contrasts between the levels and soft blending of the warm and cool tones.  If you ask me, this is definitely not a simple creative color formulation.  There was obviously a lot of thought that went into this collection.  Sue's Precision cut definitely help balance the contrast and color choice.  I would love to re-create this collection myself with a little bit of my own flare of course!  Hair Stylist all over thanks you Sue!

Varga-Esque by Melbourne's Craig Skeates

There's nothing more appealing to me, than a retro-inspired pin-up look.  Craig Skeates of John Morrey Salon in Melbourne, created this unique photo story based on the beautiful retro-inspired styling.  This collection was inspired by "Vargas Girls" the popular pin-up art of Alberto Varge from the 1940s to the 1970s.  Craig's collection includes strong, solid retro colors that form the basis of the distinctive cuts and upstyles inspired by a past era but with a commercial, contemporary flavor.  It's silhouettes are indicative of the Vargas era, with Vargas-style femininity flowing throughout the collection, enough to want to inspire you to recreate you own look!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bobbi Brown Fall 2011 Collection - Tortoise Shell

I'm starting to see a trend with these make-up lines for their fall collection.  So, why wouldn't we go simple and chic?  After all summer 2011 was all about making that bold statement and flashing those bright fun colors.  With the new season ahead of us, why not, put that all color behind us and enjoy beauty, through it's natural form. 

I'm really excited to get my hands on Bobbi Brown's new collection.  The fall 2011 collection is all about the natural, warm, earth tones and metallic pallets.  The eight shadows limited edition sets are encased in a stylish tortoise shell compact, with two pallets, one for medium to darker skin tones and the second for lighter skin tones.  Both designed to allow you to apply layers of colors without bending! 

The Tortoise Shell collection also includes, two Rich Lip Color SPF 12 in, soft nude and twig, three High Shimmer Lipgloss, in Bare Sparkle, Beach and Citrus, as well as a, limited edition Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set!

Tortoise Shell Bronze Eye Palette:
Gold Nugget Sparkle
Amber Shimmer Wash
Copper Cocoa Shimmer Wash
Tiger's Eye Metallic
Bronze Metallic
Olive Sparkle

Tortoise Shell Sand Eye Palette:
Gold Bar Sparkle
Desert Sand Metallic
Antique Rose
Hot Stone
Sandy Rose Metallic
Black Chocolate

Monday, June 20, 2011

Laura Mercier Fall/Winter 2011 Collection... Canyon

Laura Mercier, is set to launch her Fall/Winter 2011 Canyon Collection this July.  The collection comprises of earthy shades of khakis, sand and glimmering bronze.  It's definitely taking a step back to the more natural refined look, which I'm a big fan of.  So long vivid and bold colors of the summer, hello refreshing natural colors for fall and Winter!

Check colour - Check Melange
Eyeshadows - Canyon Clay, Chocolate, Pine Bronze and Cedar
Lip Glace - Quartz, Mauve Plum, Desert Rose and Brick
Lipstick - Bing Berry and Espresso

Kenra Platinum... It's really Just OK...

Now, I don't really venture off far from Sebastian, but every now and then, I don't mind trying something new.  I have been hearing about and seeing Kenra's product for awhile now, and from what some of my friends say, its a great product.  Ok well, you have your opinion and I have mine.

About a month ago, I bought some of Kenra's Platinum Styling Products, and thought I would try it on myself before using it on clients.  Aside from the pretty platinum packaging, I was not at all that impress with it's result.  The hold and shine it guarantee was not at all close and I couldn't help but felt greasy and it weighing my hair down.  I'm a believer that a little goes a long way, but you might as well use close to nothing with some of their products. 

What I didn't use a lot of and probably use the most of, happens to be their, Volume Hairspray 25.  Now if your familiar with Kenra, then you'd know that Volume Hairspray 25, is their super hold finishing spray.  Well, here's the problem, I have really thick coarse hair and I tend to wear my hair up, unfortunately, their super hold, they promised did not hold my hair up at all. 

Sorry Kenra Fans out there, I don't think I would invest in this product line, nor, would I recommend this to any of my friends, family and clients... To my friends and colleagues who recommended this line, thank you, but I think I'll stick to what I'm using right now...I'm just saying..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent - Summer 2011 Look

Although YSL, has not launched any new product line for their Summer 2011 look, they are however, showcasing their vivid colors and soft lips for this summer.  So, we get you YSL!  Go bold this summer, make a statement and don't be afraid of colors!

Rogue Pur Couture - $30.00 USD
Pure colore lipsticks SPF 15
24 captivating couture shades

Ombres Duolumieres - $41.00 USD
Eyeshadows Duo
13 couture-inspired color pairs

NARS Limited Edition: The Portrait of Paradise Collection

Hey NARS Fans out there, don't forget to check out the NARS Summer 2011 line up with their limited edition, The Portrait of Paradise Collection.  NARS has rolled out three new products: Laguna the Multiple, Laguna Body Illuminator and Blush Bronzer Trio!

Laguna the Multiple: $39.00 USD
Fusing an iconic shade with a cult classic formula.  For the first time, Laguna debuts as a limited-edition Multiple - perfect for highlighting, lightly contouring or all-over bronzing.

Laguna Body Illuminator: $45.00 USD
Golden glow from head to toe.  Laguna Body Illuminator gives beautiful bronzed radiance and delicately scents skin with exotic Monoi de Tahiti Oil.

Blush Bronzer Trio: $55.00 USD
Laguna bronzing powder. Orgasm blush and Albatross highlighters provide the ultimate in radiance for the face.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Shawnell O'Shea Designs... Summer 2011 Collection

Shawnell O'Shea Designs, by Brandi Shawnell.  Not only is she a talented designer, but she is also a good friend.  I had the opportunity to meet Brandi for the first time at VIVE, during a fashion show produced by, Jessica Brooks.  Brandi, was one of the headlining Designers of the evening, and although I did not get the opportunity to style her models hair, I did get the pleasure to hang out with her that evening.  Who would have known that this would be the beginning of a great friendship.  If everything is really big in Texas, then Brandi, has the biggest heart and drive of all.

It wasn't until a month ago that Brandi, had reached out to me about styling hair for her web and catalog shoot for her Summer 2011 Collection.  I knew right away I had to jump on board.  Shawnell O'Shea Designs Summer 2011 four piece collection definitely reflects Brandi's signature of clean lines and structure.  Designed with the female's body in mind, this collection is jaw dropping hot and luxuriously rich.

Check out Brandi and her collection at,, as well as her featured bio under my "I want to wear that... Designer" link above!

Model: Jenna Crowley
Make-Up Artist: Jasmine Cardenas
Photographer: Kevin Chan
Swimwear: Shawnell O'Shea Designs Summer 2011 Collection

Emma Watson Trades In Her Wand for Lancome?

What's a girl to do after Harry Potter? Get a complete make over of course... DUH...  Emma Watson appears on Vogue's July Cover, sporting a new look for Fall.  She is shown wearing, Lancome's La Laque Fever in Techno Brick (a shimmering gold-flecked brownish plum) topped with Juicy Tube in Pure (an ultra shiny gloss)

Sure, we've all seen this look from Spring 2011 runways of Louis Vuitton, Emanuel Ungaro and Givenchy, but this is EMMA WATSON!  BTW Emma, can I have your wand?