Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fairy Tale Tea Party Wedding By "Kissed byTammynize"

Tammy Nguyen Le, has been shooting photos for some time now.  Aside from shooting fashion, commerical and maternity (to name a few), Tammy, is better known for her Wedding Photography.  There's something different about Tammy's Wedding Photography, that draws your attention.  When going through her portfolio, you get a sense of something magical, as if you have been drawn into a fairy tale story.  Not only does Tammy capture the moment, but, she also captures the princess in every bride through her looking glass...

Tammy approached me about a conceptual tea party shoot.  She described the shoot to be whimsical, with a splash of pastel colors, a set that makes you scream "Alice in Wonderland".  For the record, she had me at whimsical.  Without hesitation, I committed to her shoot for hair, along with my good friend Jasmine Cardenas, for make-up.  I was even more excited when she told me that Heather Doss and her hot boyfriend, Brad Harmon, would be modeling.

I have to admit, when we arrive on location, I had my doubts. The Old Sugar Mill, appeared to be an old abandoned warehouse, so, pastel colorings was kind of hard for me to visualized.  Yet, somehow, Tammy was able to fused the old industrial with Alice in Wonderland...  I've never been more excited about any shoot than this...  Check out Tammy's magic below and her website at,

Photo - Kissed by Tammynize
Models - Heather Doss and Brad Harmon
Make-Up - Jasmine Cardenas
Hair - seanALIAN
Location - The Old Sugar Mill

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Tammynize said...

Yay! I loved out shoot. We have to do it again!

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