Thursday, June 9, 2011

MAC Flighty Collection - Summer 2011

MAC Flighty Collection for Summer 2011

I know I may be a little FASHIONABLY late with this review, but I thought I put it out there anyways.  During my last visit to the M.A.C. Pro Store, in San Francisco, CA. accompanied by my trusted Make-up Artist Consultant and Friend, Jasmine Cardenas, I was taken to the collection's vibrant color and it's micro-glittered shimmers.  MAC Flighty Collection introduces The Big Bounce Cream Eye Shadows, in sixteen watercolour whipped mousse cream shadows (permanent) and four limited edition Mascaras.  This is definitely a product every Make-Up Artist should carry! 

Coverage - Sheer to Medium
Application - Eye Shadow - Eye Shadow Base - Highlights
Retail - $16.50 (Big Bounce) $14.00 (Zoom Lash)

MAC Flighty Collection for Summer 2011

  • Free as Air (light blue)
  • Spread the Wealth (mid-tone olive)
  • Rich, Sweet (chocolate taupe)
  • Extra Charged (turquoise)
  • Count your assets (decadent purple)
  • My next indulgence (forest green)
  • Trophy (soft peach)
  • Rich thrills (mid tone silver)
  • Good Fortune (soft pink)
  • Sizzlin’ Diva (copper)
  • Luxury Touch (violet)
  • Light (cream)
  • Chocolate (gold)
  • Bright (peach)

MAC Flighty Collection for Summer 2011

  • High Esteem: Mid-tone grey with silver pearl
  • Blue Charge: Deep navy blue
  • Plum Reserve: Light violet purple
  • Green is Green: Jade green
MAC Flighty Collection Summer 2011

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