Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TokiDoki Devil Girl Cromatico Summer 2011 Palette

Devil Girl Cromatico Palette by TokiDoki, released for Summer 2011, is currently available at Sephora.  The dual door palette in beach theme contains six TokiDoki Eyeshadows, ranging from neutrals to cool tones.

Thirsty (cream)
Riposino (shimmery light brown)
 Carina (pearl)
Nancy Rocks (purple)
Bruttino (pearl turquoise)
Bulleto (shimmery dark brown)
Aside from the cool artwork on the palette cover, I can honestly say, I'm not overly excited about this collection.  The palette casing seems a little bit on the cheap side and the pigments is really just ok.  I do like the fact that the palette offers three neutral shades, perfect for a day out on the beach.  I will say, Carina (pearl) is a fun shade to play with, whether you use it on your tear ducts or even on the brow bone for highlights, you'll definitely get that shimmering sparkle look, just be careful not to over pack the color, it can get messy.

Oh yeah, you also get a Devil Girl keychain too.. Whoopee...

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