Thursday, July 21, 2011

Charlie Price Romance Collection

 NAHA Hairstylist of the Year Winner, Charlie Price wanted romance.  And he delivers.  In his latest collection of hairstyles, he juxtaposes texture and volume with soft, sleek strands.  Hair pulled back reveals a whirlwind of twists, and harsh shape gives way to beautiful cascades of long locks.  Much like romance itself, the hair in this collection is a combination of textures and volumes that work to create a perfect harmony.

"For these looks, I was going for a dreamy, romantic quality," Charlie says. "I also like the idea of each girl having over-the-top hair, but in a polished, beautiful way; the make-up was extra soft as well to support that notion."

Hair - Charlie Price
Hair Assistant - Scotty Fields
Make-up - Ron Lopez
Photos - David Raccuglia
Models - Donna Baldwin Talent
Fashion Styling - Danora Fisher

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