Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Makeup Forever Fall 2011 Smokey

MAKEUP FOREVER introduces Smoky Colour, a new collection of eye make up essentials inspired by the rich, jewel tone fabrics seen on the fall 2011 runways. This vibrant new take on an all-time classic provides a number of different ways to wear the eye catching look and adapt it to every mood, occasion and outfit.

The Smoky Colour collection includes a limited edition Smoky Eye Shadow Palette, four new shades of dramatic Smoky Lash mascara and three new ultra-creamy Khol Pencils — all in an array of bold, yet wearable colors.

This customized, collector’s palette features eight MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadows that can be used to create five different smoky looks in brown, blue, purple, green and classic black. Expert application instructions, as well as a mirror and two individual applicators, are included to help consumers achieve a professional smoky eye at home. MAKE UP FOR EVER’S highly pigmented pressed shadows contain nylon powder for intense, lasting color and are easily blended and shaded. The palette includes:

  • Eye Shadow #04 – matte black
  • Eye Shadow #79 – deep plum shimmer
  • Eye Shadow #81 – metallic navy blue
  • Eye Shadow #80 – iridescent peacock green
  • Eye Shadow #122 – metallic copper
  • Eye Shadow #127 – metallic taupe
  • Eye Shadow #126 – iridescent yellow beige
  • Eye Shadow #07 – white shimmer

The ultimate mascara for volume, length and curl is now available in four new hues. Boasting the same lash boosting formula and unique elastomer fiber brush as the original best seller, Smoky Lash Colour delivers a dramatic faux lash effect in seconds. Each new shade is extremely concentrated with brown, green, blue and plum pigments so the mascara instantly coats the lashes with intense color.
  • Smoky Lash #3 – deep brown
  • Smoky Lash #4 – green
  • Smoky Lash #5 – dark blue
  • Smoky Lash #6 – plum
These soft, creamy pencils have an extremely blendable texture and are now available in pearly deep blue (#8K), matte mocha brown (#9K) and pearly black purple (#10K). Khol Pencils can be used to line the eyes for a more intense, striking look, and can easily be smudged for the perfect smoky eye. Additionally, the soft texture makes them ideal for rimming the inner eye. Apply above and/or below the lash line and blend to create a pigment-rich smoky eye.
  • Kohl Pencil #4K – intense pearly green
  • NEW Kohl Pencil #8K– pearly deep blue
  • NEW Kohl Pencil #9K– matte mocha brown
  • NEW Kohl Pencil #10K– pearly black purple

Also new for this summer from M.U.F.E, Lip Line Perfector.

New Lip Line Perfector is formulated with a mix of beeswax and evaporating oils that form a protective barrier to keep lipstick inside the lip line, as well as a film forming polymer which helps fix color to the lips for long lasting results. Additionally, Ceramide 3 improves lip firmness and prevents moisture loss, while silicone and high molecular hyaluronic salt fill in fine lines and improve elasticity.
The Lip Line Perfector can be worn as a base under any kind of lip product and with any shade.

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