Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Illamasqua - Magenta Muse Collection

Illamasqua... Now if you guys haven't heard of this line yet, then your totally missing out.  This is a U.K. base line and currently one of my favorite vendor.  I am in love with their cream base shadows and their rich pigmented lip rogue (upcoming blog and swatches later).

Magenta Muse:

Featuring a fearlessly electric blend of textures and finishes, spanning from gloss to matte and iridescent, transform yourself into a Muse by midnight with the Magenta Muse Collection.

Set to transform perceptions of beauty, in this urban gathering of alternative hues for the lips and nails, grey, mauve and magenta mix effortlessly with flashes of coral and teal.

Visit http://www.illamasqua.com/ for pricing and collections.


Brandi Shawnell said...

I love the makeup colors, even though I feel like one probably has to have a certain complexion to pull that off... certainly not Irish skin with freckles ;-)

But I LAAHHHVVVV the nail colors! Was this the line you were looking for in Sephora?

Dee said...

I'm loving the magenta color. Those nail polish colors are amazing! :)

JasmineCardenasMUA said...

I LOVE Grey Nail polish...as you know ;) I need to get this color! :D Thanks for posting this!

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